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Would A New American Civilization Include Our Current Republic?

What if We-The-People were to recreate our current civil structure which today is based on the republic we call the USA.  To be clear, what if we, the American people, were to create a new system of governance which was more to the liking and benefit of our nation, instead of the narrow interests as it is today? And, in that new structure, what if We-The-People made and executed all the laws of the land? How different would that be from our rapidly failing system created back in 1789? And, how different would our lives be living within it?

In the current civil paradigm, all civil structures start with a system of laws. If we were to do so, we would be in charge of drafting and executing all laws of the land instead of the current legislature and executive branches. We would essentially be self-ruling; what a novel concept!

The current structure started with a group of states accepting what we know today as the US constitution. It is still considered the supreme law of the land. It also outlined and created the  current structure of the government and decreed how laws would be made, executed, and enforced. With that in mind, would a new effort proceed along pretty much the same lines as before? Would we actually renew the mistakes of the previous system, or have we learned anything since then?

So if we, the politically endowed people of our nation, could toss out the existing system in it’s entirety, which would include the complete current registry of federal and state laws, and create a new set more suitable to our liking, what impact would that have on our country? Could you think of some laws we have now, that we might not tolerate? And, might there be some new ones you think are necessary which we currently lack?  How about a few examples?

Globalist and Corporate Influenced Laws We-The-People Might Eliminate

— Federal laws which meddle in family, community, or state matters.
— State laws which meddle in family or community matters.
— Federal and state tax laws which take hard earned wealth unjustly to redistribute.
— Federal and state laws which lay any tax.
— Federal and state laws which redistribute hard earned wealth.
— Federal and state laws that, in the name of ‘civil rights’, give preferential treatment in jobs or handouts to immigrants or minorities. These are called affirmative action.
— Federal and state laws that mandate affirmative action.
— Federal laws which say any foreign invader who, uninvited, sets a toe on American soil, has some imagined right to stay in our land and share the same political status as Americans.
— Federal and state laws which give deference and preferential treatment to groups of the profane and perverted; those whose values are anathema to standards of normalcy and decency.
— Federal and state laws which prohibit a community from removing the influence of the profane and perverted from their presence.
— Federal and state laws that give handouts to anyone, since that has never been the purpose nor mandate of government.
— Federal and state laws which allow federal and state functionaries, apparatchiks, employees, departments, commissions, bodies, etc., to determine their own budgets, salaries, expenditures, perks and benefits, etc.

Laws the Politically Endowed People Might Enact

— Any laws we deem necessary.
— Any laws we deem necessary without being second guessed by a minority interest.
— Any laws we deem necessary to govern the nation we desire, without needing approval of any body other than the sovereign-body of the politically endowed.

— Laws which prohibit all immigration.
— Laws which allow selective immigration for whatever reasons deemed appropriate.
— Laws which deport all unwanted immigrants without delay.
— Laws which prohibit any type of redistribution.
— Laws which define public vs private.
— Laws which prohibit public taxation for private benefit.
— Laws which require itemized direct correlated public tax equity accounting.
— Laws which prohibit public funding to any foreign country.
— Laws which allow or impose duties on imported goods.
— Laws making foreigners pay for the privilege of doing business in the great American marketplace.
— Laws which make all monopolies or those reaching a certain threshold of market to be deemed as, and regulated as a public utility.
— Laws which render judges in criminal cases to be nothing more than arbiters, while the criminals are to always be punished justly.
— Laws which allow victims to have a large say in the just punishment of perpetrators.

— Laws which regulate the quality and safety of products and services such as: vaccines, pharmaceutical products, banking and finance, legal services, consumer product safety, trade, … on and on.
— Laws which regulate our surroundings and activities such as: education and school curriculum at all levels; mineral extraction like strip mining, oil drilling, and fracking; gambling; influence of lawyers and the legal profession; pornographic material; recreational drug and alcohol manufacture and use; internet privacy; potentially hazardous devices in our environment; environmental health and safety, ecosystem… and so on.

We could be at this all day long. The point is, how different would our laws and thus our lives be if they were made by the people and not by narrow interests or those who live in ivory towers, who ostensibly ‘represent’ our interests.

What if We-The-People Made the Laws?

Would installing such a new system giving the politically endowed people the power to enact all of our laws make our lives better, or would we be worse off? We are betting that if we were to take a poll on that question among those who actually understand the impact, the answer would be very affirmative for our lives being significantly better. Why?

Well that probably has to do with the fact that the government in charge now seems to do whatever it wants and does not really care what we think, nor do they seem to have any concern who gets hurt in the process. They are currently abusing the trust we gave them for making and executing law mostly by enacting the agenda of globalists with the means to pay their price, which comes at our expense. Whenever a voice from the people arises to complain or challenge Babylon DC, they are met with a barrage of manufactured opposition with a very clear message… SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!!!!.

We as a people, are not really sure why things are the way they are, or what to do about it. This is not supposed to be the way things work. The government is supposed to obtain the ‘consent of the governed’ before it starts wars all over the planet again and again, or floods our proud nation full of primitive 3rd world free-loaders, redistributing our wealth to the profane who have no rights in our civilization; or amasses trillions upon trillions of debt upon the backs of the American middle class, who they have officially designated as the ‘tax payers’, implying that their part is to spend without limit, while our only role and purpose in the American landscape is to shut up and pay for it all.

By any measure, this situation is all but intolerable. So the question is, how long will this continue before this very unsustainable insult reaches critical mass and a very great purging of our system commences? How long before we toss it all out, then roll out the Guillotines, have a lesson in justice, then sweep up the garbage left after the globalist ball; then redesign and re-formulate our entire American civilization?

The odds of that happening soon are getting more favorable from one day to the next. History has demonstrated that these types of movements are triggered when things have gotten considerably less out of balance then what they are today. That means we are actually overdue for a revolution of sorts.

We expect to go that course as a very near probability as our political system seems bent on handing our nation over to the extreme agenda of globalism, and the New World Order, which would render us, the great American Civilization, nothing more than a medium cog in their grand globalist machine. That would require that we forget our proud American values, customs, identity and history as we have known since our nation’s founding over 450 years ago; then assume our place along with the rest of the third world nations slaves.

Revisiting the question from the outset of this article, about the American politically endowed nation tossing out the old system; understand that it is the current system which is ever entwining us in the globalist agenda now, and that act alone would completely sever us from it, however, it must be done correctly. ‘Correct’ means that the new system we create to replace the old must be of the correct structure and form, and that we should consciously and actively avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. This requires considerable forethought and planning.

That act of creation by We-The-People would be the single biggest move which would afford us the freedom we are now lacking to determine our own future and our fate. Anything else that we might attempt would pale in comparison to that single act.

It is our intention in this series to demonstrate that the entire world is waking up to a new era in which autocratic regimes and systems of oppression are on their way out, and new systems of freedom and autonomy are being ushered in. These systems will be designed by the common, rather than by elites and elitists, as in the past.

We will continue to demonstrate this point in the balance of the series. However, in this section we will show why our Republic, which is our current form of political structure is not suited for a renewed nation. In fact, it is our opinion that it is not now and has really never been suitable as a civil structure. This will become evident when we consider it’s origins and it’s real purpose.

How do we arrive at the place where the politically endowed owners can become the sole arbiters of our country once again? What type of political structure is needed and will our current or a new republic serve for that purpose? To answer that question, we must examine the structure we have now.

What is A Republic?

We have all heard that our country is a ‘democracy.’ However we were also taught that the United States was formed as a Republic… so which one is it? When asked what sort of government the delegates to the constitutional convention had created, Ben Franklin was quoted as replying, “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

That is good enough for most historians, and most Americans. Ben Franklin was certainly authoritative on this matter. If he says congress established a republic, who can second guess him; A Republic it is.

The fact is, by most current day definitions, there is little difference between a democracy and a republic, thus we hear both types mentioned when referring to the current US civil structure.

A few characteristic descriptions of a Republic can be gleaned from some dictionaries:
A country that is governed by elected representatives and by an elected leader (such as a president) rather than by a king or queen.

A government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president.

A unity of people, (or a nation), having a republic form of government.

These simple definitions indicate that a republic is a form of government. The two distinguishing points to consider are:
1) The chief leader is not of the stature of a king, nor dictator.
2) The people’s mandate will only be considered after being filtered through the free-will and ethics of proxy representatives, which means, in a republic, We-The-People are at the mercy of our so-called representatives. This exposes a fatal flaw in the structure.

Origins of The Republic

For the sake of brevity, we must reduce this discussion to a simple analysis, and sober assessment of a republic. The word is derived from two Greek words, Res and Publica, which can loosely be translated to English as ‘The interest or wealth of the Public.’

The ideas that came to be referred to as a ‘Republic’ go back to about 380 BC in Greece, to the philosopher Aristocles, better known as Plato, who wrote down some of his ideas while deeply engrossed in discussion with others of his philosopher peers such as Socrates. In his work, ‘The Republic’, Plato carries on a series of discussions, asking and attempting to answer many questions involving justice, governance, and the souls of men. This work has had a very large impact on our modern concepts regarding governance and civilization.

Plato was the quintessential classical liberal, with broad collectivist leanings. His dialogs and descriptions were picked up throughout the ages, and given many different analysis and interpretation, by many elite and elitist scholars, thinkers, philosophers, and politicians, to bring about our modern ideas regarding both democracies and republics; and the philosophy of governance in general.

Whether termed a republic or a democracy, the modern state, derived from the foundation of Plato’s description, with little exception, is a social structure with a conic or pyramid shape composed of three levels which we will call, Plato’s Pyramid. Despite several thousand years of massaging Plato’s ideas, and with only a few variations, all 3 levels are still firmly in place in the model for our republic.

Plato’s Pyramid

Regarding structure, Plato himself, in his dialogs, seemed to recognize and advocate the need for the iron hand to enforce the given roles that individuals were elected to by the rigid state. However, he also believed that each person in the structure should be given a role for something they are well suited to.

The most important thing to note is that Since Plato and even before, the philosophy of governance has been defined and constructed by those who we today would consider elite or elitists. It was tailored to their particular purposes and agendas, while, in relative terms, the common people’s voice has more or less been left out. Even, given that history has witnessed several movements with the aims of uplifting the mandate of the common, it has mostly come very begrudgingly. And we struggle with that still today.

The Philosopher Kings

In Plato’s view, the top layer of the pyramid is composed of those members of the society who’s lives and interests should matter the most. These he called ‘Philosopher Kings’, which can bring many things to mind, but mostly it means pretty much what it sounds like. These are the strata of members of the society who rule as kings, and who employ their self-declared endowment of superior intellect and other qualities, as philosophers, to justify their positions of power in the society. Although debatable, it is argued that he believed this to be a proper structure, leading to a system he considered the most stable and yielding the highest justice.

This belief reflects his attitudes toward the other levels of the society in which he lived. He saw them as inferior, but considered his fellow-philosopher ilk were born, endowed with the substance and right to make all of the rules the society should live by.

Today this top tier is made up of those mostly characterized not particularly by their wisdom, fairness, or brilliant philosophical prowess, as one might expect by way of Plato’s ethic, but only by significant wealth. These individuals are rarely known by the public but are anonymous, as they shun the light of day. They compose the hidden hand. Billionaires by birth or by fortune. Although there are factions, all of these have affiliations in a kind of globalist brotherhood involving the New World Order.

The Guardians

The 2nd strata of Plato’s pyramid is composed of the enforcer class, he called Guardians. Their role is to protect the top level from the rabble of the 3rd and final level; thus allowing them to do their kingly-philosopher duty, unimpeded. These guardians are to be indoctrinated into the idea that the state and agenda defined and held by the ‘Philosopher Kings’ is infallible, so it must be preserved and protected at all costs. They may even be called upon to sacrifice themselves to preserve the order. These guardians hold the philosopher kings on a very high pedestal and aspire to join with them, therefore, recruitment of high level pets for the ‘Philosopher Kings’ may be drawn from their ranks.

Today this guardian class is also the 2nd level in our world. Unlike the top tier, these are quite visible, and we see them daily. These compose the operatives or agents of the top tier, commissioned with maintaining the structure of the state. They have a powerful influence over the most broad to the most mundane aspects of our personal affairs. It is made up of those groups who interject themselves into our world, daily.

Metaphorically, a great cohort with sword, buckler and shield, who also divide the spoils. Those we call the government, and also by many who are not of the government, but participate.

Examples of these guardians are politicians, political operatives, and the upper ranks of government management;

the CIA and all intelligence services,
those who control the military;

virtually all media and institutions of any stature, public or private;

Virtually all members of academia, and the institutions of public education;

and a significant portion of law enforcement.

Non government affiliated guardians include:
A significant portion of the global clergy, associated religious institutions, and fraternal orders.

This tier also includes most sanctioned, global corporations, their CEOs, major shareholders, and directors.

Many of these resources convene in policy institutions or so called ‘think-tanks’; to strategize on carrying out the agenda of the top tier. The dictates are then handed down to the various guardian organs of government, media, academia, etc., for execution.

In addition, there is also a sizable sub-tier of this group, composed mostly of lap-dog supporters, kool-aid drinking, bomb-throwing, googly-eyed true-believers, and dutiful minions.

The Real Purpose of the Modern State

Understanding the nature of this structure puts a much different perspective on what we have been led to believe is the role of government. Most of us were taught that our government, the government of the United States of America, was to serve the interests of the American people, and preserve the nation. Instead, this reveals it’s true purpose; to act as a buffer between the vast numbers of the common, and the few elitist members of society; to serve and protect their interests. To enact and carry out their agenda alone; with, or without the consent of the people, regardless of the havoc that may ensue.

All forms of the modern state have been designed to work for this purpose. All forms are variations of Plato’s pyramid and include Republics, Democracies, Fascist, Socialist, and Communist, etc!

The Rabble and the Sheep

It should be unnecessary to mention who the 3rd and final level are, but for the sake of illustration, we will confirm what most would conclude. These are the masses of poor and common people. Today they make up the bulk of We-The-People. They compose people from the lower, middle, and in many cases, the more wealthy classes of our society.They are considered less than important or necessary by the 2 upper tiers.

Plato’s Pyramid is Collapsing

What has become more obvious by each passing decade in our most recent century, the truth of the matter is, the 2 upper tiers are showing signs of obsolescence, and are in danger of melding down into the bottom.

This structure, having been described some 2400 years ago, is pretty much a mirror of our system today, and that is not a coincidence.

Behold the Republic!

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