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The Headless State:  Our Republic is a civil structure or political state based on a series of institutions which control the entire means of operation. That is to say these institutions have the power to outright control or influence every aspect of virtually any activity that occurs in the very life of the nation. The current institutions of government were enumerated and given life with the adoption of the US constitution. Government institutions such as the congress, the executive, and the courts, and starting shortly after it’s adoption we have added a tremendous number of alphabet agencies such as the Department of defense (DOD), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of state (DOS), Department of agriculture (DOA), Department of education (DOE), Health and human services (HHS), etc. and literally hundreds more of these various appendages government uses to control everything.

These are really the backbone of the USA Republic. The Republic was created by early states ratifying and adopting the proposed US Constitution during the 1789 constitutional convention held in Philadelphia. The constitution amounts to a set of bylaws which defined and created the institutions of government, its operations, and it’s relationship to the states and the people. Much of the intent of the constitution and the government it created is also described in the first 10 amendments called the ‘Bill of Rights.’ To a great extent, these amount to restrictions on what it may do and not do regarding the pre-existing rights of the people and the sovereignty of the states.

Has the Federal Government set aside the Constitution?

There is a tremendous amount of confusion about what the constitution allows and what government does as regarding it’s operation in micro managing the nations affairs. Critics conclude that the government is over stepping the bounds and restrictions as laid out in the document. However, while we would agree there have been some abuses, we would take exception with that characterization and point out that virtually all of what our US Federal government does today with regard to the constitution is allowed under it currently. And, while there are arguments about the original intent and/or the original interpretation of it’s intent by those who adopted it, the fact is, the government has not really overstepped it by the letter, although it may have over stepped per the spirit or intent. Successful constitutional arguments can, and have been made to that effect.

The Platonic Civil Structure

All Republics like all Democracies, Fascist, Communist, Socialist, etc, systems are 3 tier Platonic structures, based on a top-down power arrangement in-which the small group of people at the top exercise all power and employ the institutions such as government which resides in the 2nd tier in the role of ‘guardians’ or ‘enforcers’ to maintain their positions of power by keeping the 3rd tier or lower class masses in check, so as to keep them from gaining any appreciable power, enough to rival or challenge the top tier. This structure was observed and codified by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, where in about 380 BC he published his thesis titled, The Republic. We have examined the Republic here.

The Republic: A mechanism for Globalist Control!

The problem with these structures is that all of them, including our own US Constitution and the Republican Government it created are designed by, and preferred by the elitist or more colloquially termed ‘globalist’, exclusively for their purposes and their interests. They have always preferred them as these types of structures favor their interests by allowing them to easily control the mechanism of state through various means, but typically it is through the control that a monopoly monetary system yields, and also the fact that politicians are easy to corrupt given enough money. The second plank of the communist manifesto calls for a monopoly central bank in the hands of globalist banking interests.

“…Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws…”
— Amshel Bauer Rothschild

Therefore it is safe to say that all modern states, including our own US Constitution/Fed Govt have been designed and put in place by them and are based on the Platonic model. This makes them very easy to control by globalists because by their very nature, all they need to do is commandeer the very small head to control the whole. This is easily accomplished through the influence of money and blackmail. That is the simple truth about what has happened to our Republic; it has simply been bought and is now controlled by globalist interests.

Institutions are a part of our western heritage!

The institutions of government have such a great influence on us because western civilization has come through a period of a few thousand years in-which institutions played such an all encompassing role in the lives of Western Europeans; and since we Americans were born of that culture, we have become trained to accept institutions as authoritative and integral parts of our lives. Like the institutions of government, we have come to regard the Church, the king, the court, the university, the corporation, the employer, the taxing authority, the police, the school master, etc as vital to our lives, our safety, our prosperity, and our happiness, so much so that we could not possibly get along without them. Our institutions, of which we accept the totality of their authority in our lives are burned into our psyche.

What can we do since our institutions have turned against us?

So what happens to a society such as ours when the institutions we have come to know and trust have become hostile or antithetical to our very existence? When every institution we have come to take for granted has been commandeered by a powerful and malevolent force that would seek to now use those same institutions against us. What happens when they are no longer a boon to us, but they have become a threat to the very essence of our being? Should such a threat be challenged, and if so, how? What response must we take to survive and to rebuild our civilization? What will replace the role of institutions in our society? Such are the questions we are asking and attempting to offer solutions for; to answer the threat they pose.

Make no mistake, the form of solution for such must come from the people, as it can no longer come from any of the institutions we once knew and trusted. Something terribly insidious has now taken control of them and they can no longer be relied upon to preserve or enhance our civilization, but instead of answers, we may only look to a future of destruction and decay coming from such as these.

Civil Structures must be modeled apart from reliance on institutions!

In our opinion, our institutions, which are centralized in their nature and authority, and which are now untrustworthy, really points to a much different future and the development of civil societies that operate on something much different than the old centralized tried and true. The very fact that those institutions we once relied upon now pose a threat to us indicates that the role of institutions must diminish and decline rapidly in our very near future, or else, civilization itself may cease to be.

To us this indicates a new paradigm and a new way of viewing our world. For us to overcome, we must make wholesale changes to our value systems. The demise in the trust of institutions really indicates a developmental step in society. We are coming to a point where we must realize that our survival and our prosperity does not hinge on top-down centralized authoritative institutions or the cult of individuals, but we are truly thinking and becoming more decentralized.

Decentralized Civil Structures

Decentralized societies are more like societies of the ancient past; much more self sufficient and more reliant on their own devices and ideas. This move can be intimidating, but in our opinion, we must go there because we have moved too far away from what it means for us as free agents and arbiters of our own lives, and have given ourselves over to institutions to think and instruct us, to act and to live our lives for us. Such change will only be liberating for us as we return to self-reliance.

The Solution!

The ideal solution is simply to use the power we-the-people used before and convene a general assembly of the sovereign-body once again, then rescind the failed US Constitution and it’s government; then declare a new civil structure. That new structure would place the sovereign-body at the top over all, superseding all other authority in civil government, and replace the legislative body. There is now no more congress or representative body, but all laws are originated, elevated, deliberated, and adopted by the sovereign-body using the facility of the internet.

This idea leaves many questions as to how this would work and why it is not a direct democracy, etc. We deal with those questions in detail in other articles and videos, so we are not going to venture there in detail now. Suffice it to say that these laws are then handed down for execution, enforcement, and adjudication by subordinate bodies of our choosing who are simply employed for the task.

Why this is a solution is the fact that the ability to make law is the very definition of sovereignty. Virtually everything done in a civil structure stems from law, although power trumps law. That said, we must point out that such a structure puts the sovereign-body at the top in terms of power as well. In other words, although we may still have an executive and a court system to facilitate the administration of the state, they are no longer in positions of absolute power as concerning the state, nor are they equal to each other, but only subordinate to the sovereign-body, and now their continuation has become very tenuous.

The power of these institutions is quite arbitrary and only exists and extends to the point that it explicitly serves the interest of the sovereign-body, and not beyond that point. These functionaries are now cut down to size as institutions, and are merely employees, subject to immediate termination and replacement if they fail to serve their explicit purpose.

Emergence of the Headless State

The Headless state will likely emerge and soon based on rapidly changing sentiments regarding the status quo with traditional notions of governance.  When it does there is no avenue of control and influence; IE, globalist interest no longer have an anchor for control as regards the American nation and it’s civilization. That is a very good solution to the threat that currently bears down upon America and we dare say all of western civilization.

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