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What is a Sovereign Body and why is it important?

It may come as a surprise to Americans to learn that there is more than one political class in this nation, and most have no clue.  To be precise, there are exactly two.  There is the superior one which existed before the US constitution was adopted and the inferior one which was fabricated afterward.  The original political status is what Original-Americans enjoyed prior to our republic, and still do today.

The term ‘inferior’ here is used to convey the lesser status in the sense that it does not inherently carry the same authenticity, nor bestow the same authority as the original.  It did not come about by the mandate or interests of those with the power to sanction such but was a sloppy attempt at power brokering to support a political agenda.  It is an impostor, masquerading as if it is the original.  This second political class has by and large cheapened, distorted, and degraded the entire concept of the sanctity of nationhood.  It bestows virtually no power on the individual, only a false sense of entitlement.

It was the original group who drafted and adopted the US Constitution which was the mechanism by which the other class was contrived with the help of a little statecraft.  The second one came about by the 1868 passing of the 14th amendment.

Ironically, the superior political status called a ‘sovereign American’ is still enjoyed by a majority of us, but due to the massaging of the population through media programming for many decades, we are not really aware such exists.  Indeed, the other one gets all the attention.  There is a very simple reason for why this is so, but that discussion is out of our scope for now, however, we will get into the importance of both of these political classes later in this discussion.  First, we need some background.

What if we restored Constitutional Government?

Let’s suppose that we finally have the political will to restore the Constitutional Republic which so many patriotic pundits espouse, and so many of their followers dream about. What would that really accomplish?

All the huffing and puffing about how the branches of government have gone off the rails, so restoring ‘constitutional government’ would be a ‘fix-all’, is pure fantasy. The fact is, we would find that not much had really changed from the current rapid failure we are witnessing now. Although there is a thriving cottage industry of talkers, who blabber and blogh, daily reciting the litany of America’s problems, and yammer on about how fixing it would bring about a renaissance of sorts; it is more wishful thinking than pragmatic reality.

What has happened with regard to our very flawed constitutional system is that the envelope has been pushed. Other analogies are: “The genie is out of the bottle”, and “The toothpaste is out of the tube”, and “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty back together again.” These are metaphors for what happens with human nature when it discovers exactly what can be gotten away with. You can never go back to the idealized and romanticized dream of what once was. That is an axiom and it certainly applies to systems of governance.

We would very quickly find the following status still in force:

1) Representative Government – IE, the people must rely on (hope and pray) their representatives to act in their interests. Just ask yourself how that works today. Like today, our ‘representation’ would line up behind that of special interests domestically, and from around the world. That means big money going up against laws which forbid the same from groups of the ‘represented.’ In the reasoning of the interest groups, after all, shouldn’t voting be enough for us?

There is another reason for this, which we can not get into in any depth, but it has to do with the fact that our supplication of government favor is by design; to ensure their power and our dependence. This would not change with a new republic.

2) Lobbying and other forms of influence. Politicians, judges, and all ranks of government operations still willing and lawfully able to take the money offered for the consideration of policy (lawmaking) which directly affects us. Where does that leave us? Still out in the cold!

These two alone should tell you something about how our system works. It does not work for We-The-People and it never has. It only works for those with the skill to work the levers of power in a Constitutional Republic.

The founders of the republic gave us a powerful principle spelled out in the Declaration of Independence

In the last revolution, the founders of the Republic found themselves in a similar no-win situation. They gave us the current mess, but they also understood a profound and powerful principle and wrote about it. In fact, they put it in their manifesto… their declaration:

“…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”
— Declaration of Independence from Great Britain

Who were they referring to when they said “Form of Government”? Well, King George of England of course. They needed such a principle in order to carry out what they intended to do. As irrefutable, and universal truth as it was; and they recognized it to be so, they employed these ideas into their recruitment, and their sales brochure, and it was sufficient to work for them, so we must do likewise today.

Now, why is this important? Not for the very shortsighted reasons rattled off by too many so-called patriots, which is so we can jump out of the pot and into the fire by updating an already proven to have failed system, the Constitutional Republic. These folks are trapped in their thinking with god-like reverence of the previous group, who gave us the current system, and although they did write such profound words, and while most in their ranks probably did their best with what they knew; they still managed to hand our nation over to malevolent interests.

To be fair, it is easy to criticize now, but for them, they took inspiration coming off rumors of falling monarchies in Europe, along with the rise of democratic systems and so forth.  For them, it was new thinking and scarcely understood, so it was prone to flawed execution.  For us, looking back, naturally we have hindsight into how it failed, and how it could have gone in a much better direction.

That aside, we now have their legacy and we are witnessing its failure on a massive scale. However, we prefer to think of what America is going through, not so much as the destruction of a nation, but more like the shedding of skin by a snake or sea creature; or the metamorphosis of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  Indeed that is where our nation is at current.

A very powerful tool – The Sovereign Body

So back to the question of how to take America back. It was never spelled out by the founders of the republic, but they employed something which we have forgotten today, and that is what is called a sovereign-body. They fought the revolutionary war against King George of Britain, so as to eliminate any question about who’s land it was, and who was king; King George?… no! Americans?.. yes!

This clearing of the air, allowed them to act as an undisputed authority for the establishment of their own system of law and administration. Although this was led by a few of the so-called ‘ringleaders’; Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al, they did this by consensus, representing the mandate of the entire nation at that time, by making themselves a sovereign-body, endowed with the power to do so. We face a similar course.

In fact, and even though it was not explicitly spelled out, they wrote the same principle into the constitution by making an act of a sovereign-body of sorts the only way to amend the constitution. How is this so? The constitution is amended by a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate, and then it must be ratified by a majority vote in three-quarters of state legislatures.  Alternatively, the states can call a constitutional convention and pass any amendment by a majority vote of three-quarters of their legislatures.

In principle, while it is not necessarily a direct enacting of the mandate of the owners of the nation, it is not the usual procedure either.  It is not merely a vote of the extremely small number of the population who are members of the House, Senate, Executive, and their elitist benefactors, but in theory, it overwhelms that, requiring the consent of a super-majority of the people through their state legislatures.

This is above the normal policy-making and executive mechanism. Of course this is a convoluted and complex procedure, fraught with pitfalls, which we now know can be manipulated and compromised, nonetheless, a shadow of the same idea shows through.

It is not our intent to give the impression of a comparison or analogy that amending the constitution is what the sovereign-body is all about; far from it.  The sovereign-body is well above this procedure which in many cases does still favor the small minority of elitists, at the expense of the sovereign majority.

A Sovereign-Body is an undisputed authority to act on behalf of the interests of the true beneficiaries of whatever the system is that is being acted upon. It has a few requirements which we can not get into detail about, but suffice it to say that we would define the sovereign-body to be the politically endowed population of the American nation. That does not mean all of our population, many of whom share no political interests with sovereign Americans.

Who is and who is not part of the Sovereign Body?

Referring back to where we started this discussion, we learned there are two political classes in our country, and now we continue those thoughts.  Keep in mind that political interest today has been distorted since the 1871 act which created the District of Columbia, and formally incorporated the United States of America.

As we learned, an inferior and watered-down form of political interest was handed out willy-nilly to groups which fit the criteria of the 14th amendment. The political identity it inures to the individual, which is something akin to a guest at an amusement park or hotel, was subsequently, massively promoted to all Americans through government, media, academic, and court activism, while the status of sovereign American has been forgotten.

The inferior political status originally encompassed former slaves, and native Americans, as they had no political status under the original accord, and also naturally extended to those original Americans who were sovereign by birthright.  It is now extended to anyone who legally abides in the country, and increasingly, due to the corrupting influence of party politics, it extends to those who do not. Today we call this status a citizen of the corporate United States of America.

Citizens of the corporate USA is not the same status as, nor the same group as sovereign Americans, who would make up the sovereign-body. To clarify, all sovereign Americans can be citizens.  The reverse is not true; citizens who are not sovereign Americans cannot gain that status.

That is because, although the act and the 14th amendment gave them a political status with regard to the constituted system in Washington DC, it in itself is inferior to the sovereign-body. Therefore, it has no power to extend to any other group the status of sovereign American.

If we derive a new system in this country, that status is dramatically altered with regard to those who are citizens of the old, vs citizens of the new.

If this seems complex, rest assured it is not, but it will be made clear as the material is presented.

We will drill down on the issue of the power of a sovereign-body in subsequent videos and articles. For now, we limit the discussion to an introduction and highlight the sovereign-body as a necessary component for steering our nation away from where some malevolent interests would drive it while setting it on a healthy course of renewal.

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