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The Sham Order of Gatekeepers

When the US Constitution was adopted,there were many states who were very wary of such a deal, so much so, that the first 10 amendments, called by the misnomer, ‘Bill of Rights’, were drafted during the convention, and added very soon after the adoption of the Constitution itself, to appease the holdouts. The moniker ‘Bill of Rights’ was word-crafted to influence how it is viewed. It should have been called the ‘Bill of Restrictions’, which is revealed when one reads it. It was a vain attempt to forestall the inevitable tyranny the accord would eventually realize.

If the intent of the constitution was so pure, why were they not included in the original? The ‘Bill of Restrictions’ was later added at the insistence of the skeptics because there were not sufficient restrictions on the power of government included in the original draft. That is by design of federalists, who wanted to ram the entire thing up the backside of a young American nation with a tenuous grip on central power, sans any restraint. That tells us something about the intent of the accord and the drafters. Although it is not widely discussed or debated today, you can bet that the constitution itself would likely have failed passage without some assurance of the amendments for restraint.

In any case, the delegates who were representatives of their respective sovereign people and states managed to leave our nation in the hands of so called ‘caretakers.’ That means they were supposed to be custodians of the interests of the sovereign people and the sovereign states which they had worked hard to establish.

Caretakers or Gatekeepers?

So what is the problem? It is that caretakers or, to be more precise, ‘conservators’, are not what the nation got. As we learned, it was called something relatively benign, ‘the federal government’, but it was something altogether different.

Regardless of what it was called, what we got can best be described as ‘Gatekeepers.’ The gatekeeper analogy gives meaning to the book, ‘Animal Farm’ , by George Orwell, who used that analogy to inform us of what we are in relationship to our political system. It was not until the present era, in the last 30 or so years that this began to ring true to the average American on the street.

Gatekeepers regard us as animals to be kept and exploited for gain. It must be said that in the analysis of the Political Pecking Order, we people are metaphorically chickens… however, the ‘they’ in ‘We and They’ are the same. It is merely how we think of the ‘Us’ in this relationship which determines the dividing line between us being caged or free range chickens.

As gatekeepers, they are in position to broker all of our stuff back to us and to others, on our behalf and for our ‘benefit.’ Such a deal! As brokers, they will naturally sell us out in a deal, offering the policy-making power they were entrusted with to the highest bidder in effort to maximize their own profit.

The patrons buying the legislative process are the real beneficiaries of our substance. They are universally global monopolists with virtually unlimited wealth. They are the architects of the New World Order who have made their agenda known, and price is no object.

What they demand is to control every aspect of our lives and our essence; which is everything that makes us human. It comes from the enforcement of treacherous policy on the American Nation. They broker everything that is near and dear to us as humans (or chickens), which is why we call this the ‘Sham Order’ in this article and the included video.

In practice they restrict, then meter our access to that which we created and own. Again, such a deal! With the adopting of the US Constitution and the Republic it created, we were persuaded to allow ‘them’ that power, whether we realized it or not.

What is a Sham Order?

Lets define it:

A trick, hoax, fraud, imposture; something devised to impose upon, delude, or disappoint expectation; To propagate a hoax, defraud.

1) Something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation.
2) A cover or the like for giving a thing a different outward appearance.

3) Pretend; counterfeit; feigned.
4) Designed, made, or used as a sham.
5) To produce and imitation of.
6) To assure the appearance of; pretend to have.
7) To make a false show of something.

A structure or hierarchy in which the alignment of political power is arranged. Flow of Power; Chain of Authority; Pecking Order; Food chain.

Putting this together: A Sham Order is a structure enslaving us, while making us believe it is keeping us free.

What was created by the adoption of the accord amounts to a Trust. There were many lawyers involved in the drafting of the accord who were familiar with the legal construct of Trusts.

Our Republic is Actually a Trust

A Trust is a legal arrangement in which one party, known as the Grantor; usually the owner of assets, gives another entity, called the Trustee; who is supposed to act as a custodial manager, the power to:
– Conduct business on behalf of the Grantor;
– Enter into contracts on behalf of the Grantor;
– Hold title to property and assets of the Grantor;
– Manage the property and assets of the Grantor;
and so on.

These and many others are supposed to be done on behalf of the Grantor for their benefit or that of their heirs and beneficiaries.

And here all along we thought it was supposed to be a government who always considered our interests, and never acted without our consent. Trusts are often setup to manage the affairs of persons or entities who lack the capacity for taking care of their own affairs such as children or the elderly. This can also apply to corporate or civic entities, and as we can see, to entire nations. They treat the people of our nation as if we are incapable of managing our own affairs, and will continue to do so until they and their entire system are tossed out. In our view, that can not be soon enough!

Advocates and Supplicants

Their ability to perpetuate the Sham Order charade is enhanced by putting into place a system of advocacy, which is what we call ‘representative government.’ Advocacy works by brokering our stuff back to us, or allowing us access to certain privileges which are not granted to other ‘children’ or chickens if you prefer. This relegates us to the status of what are called ‘supplicants.’

An Advocate is:
1) A party who pleads the cause of, or on behalf of another (supplicant) before an authority. An intercessor.
2) A party who speaks or writes in support or defense of another party or cause, etc. Again, before an authority with the power to grant favor.

Examples of advocates are: Politicians, lawyers, social workers, all who represent anything from government.

A Supplicant is a party who makes request from an authority with the power to grant favor.

Examples of supplicants are: You, us, and everyone else under the Sham Order.

It is easy to see who ‘we’ are, and who ‘they’ are in this relationship. This relationship sets up the Sham Order. It puts those who are supposed to be our ‘servants’ and ‘conservators’ in the position of our masters. They are empowered to determine everything that concerns the interest of We The People. We created it, and we own it, yet we must beg the imperial central government from on-high for that which is already ours. This truly is a Sham Order.

As upsetting as this arrangement is, it is not likely to change until we recognize it for what it is, and decide to do something about it. That realization is beginning to happen at this time with masses of people being ‘red pilled’, to use the parlance of internet speak.

The realization of the present Sham Order by the masses has spurred on a considerable amount of blather about such, but much of it is misguided. So much is only focused on reciting the litany of betrayal and failure ‘of Our Republic’ over and over, ad infinitum, followed by calls for restoring the failed republic. This is analogous to re-building an exact copy for the replacement of a bridge which has collapsed under it’s own weight due to engineering flaws, in hopes that a similar event will never repeat.

We must move beyond the blather alone; it accomplishes very little. Hope and change really begins to take root in the consideration of what must be done to perfect a new system, and in the doing of that, rather than in talking about how the old one is failing. In our opinion, this will require a complete philosophical redesign from the ground up, and not just reforming a failed system. We need, ASAP, to get to the place where the sovereign body of politically endowed people are ready to go to that level.

The Trust is perpetuated by the divide and conquer method. That is where the government classifies all of the population as fitting into some dependent group. Dependent means the group is not self sufficient and does not constitute a majority by any measure, therefore it will lack the power to challenge their authority, and is likely to seek some level of government support for it’s continuation and special privilege.

Policy institutions (or think tanks), initiate and enforce this social structuring through the organs of government as well as private business and other institutions. Examples are corporate media, academic institutions, government institutions, and global corporations. All employ and propagate a scripted mind set designed to fracture the fabric of cohesive society.

These are used to discourage any coalescing of interests and promulgate the fabrication of the ‘virtue of diversity’ to dissuade or diminish any semblance of a single voice, or the voice of any majority in terms of policy matters. This ensures the entire population abides as some classification of dependent groups fighting amongst themselves, competing for the spoils which government is empowered to hand out.

History of US Social Engineering

To illustrate this, consider that as far back as the 1930s, the US government created crisis which then necessitated ‘aid’ to previously independent Americans who were glad to get it. Some of these programs were called by names like ‘The New Deal’, such a deal,….. huh?
– The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
– The Civil Works Administration (CWA),
– The Farm Security Administration (FSA),
– The National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 (NIRA), and
– The Social Security Administration (SSA)

This was just the beginning: Since these, this system has blossomed into literally hundreds of government dole out programs, and all of them deemed as legal by US superior courts in regard to the US constitution.

More recently throughout the 1960’s to the present day, the civil rights initiatives have created an En-titlement wave of programs designed to make all people grateful recipients of the largess of the great and wonderful Oz. Virtually no sector of our society has avoided the pig trough, to the extent that well over half the population are regular participants in the deal.

Increasing the scope of this government enterprise came support for Medicare and Medicaid subsidies for the elderly who volunteered their wealth and independence to government management; support favoring unions; tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations; Women Infants and Children (WIC), and housing subsidies from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) welfare programs for the poor, ObamaCare, etc. Every single one of these programs constitute government usury. They are dehumanizing of their clients, stealing the dignity and knowledge of one’s self and his or her nation’s character. Creating a perpetual stream of supplicant client beggars with their hands out.

It is the reason and motivation for so much stirring of the pot to inspire the current day unrest from all the little fringe groups of snowflakes and Twinkies about elevating and magnifying the status of those tiny populations with an extreme variance from the norm, while at the same time regarding the vastness of traditional American normalcy as evil, abnormal, and to be shunned.

We see the googly-eyed fringe lunatic ‘true believer’ drones of this agenda loudly ranting, raving, and running around hurling insults at our sincerely held beliefs and traditions in an attempt to further the divide and conquer strategy, which is being threatened by the great awakening. Much of the anti-white people venom is spewed forth from this agenda due to the fact that white people are now, and will for the foreseeable future, be the majority in our nation, while the welfare-state system of advocates and supplicants is on deaths door.

Divide and Conquer Balkinization

To drill down on this further, consider their Balkanization of the nation through the current policy on immigration. It is similar to what the globalists are doing to Europe. The US government, despite rhetoric to the contrary, has a policy of diluting the American white majority by immigration from the 3rd world. While they cite a falling birth rate as a necessity for the importation of bodies to maintain our population numbers, they do not want, nor intend to take similarly cultured immigrants from Europe, but only those from the developing and the 3rd world.

They then imply that these newly arrived immigrants and Original Americans are of the same class and status in terms of rights, however, the immigrants are in need of special consideration and special rights in terms of privilege, all having been classified by the government. This disregards the white European founding, creation, heritage and contribution to the American landscape of over 450 years.

They regard the entire population as immigrants saying ‘we are a nation of immigrants’, which is a ridiculous and outrageous statement. By that criteria, every single nation on the face of the earth is a ‘nation of immigrants.’ White Europeans landed 450 years ago in a wilderness and carved out a nation. Immigrants land at a port and check into a hotel. There is a profound difference. That difference is precisely what separates Original Americans, who are sovereign, from those who can never achieve that status. Original Americans, mistakenly allowed the creation of the Sham Order system we have now, but they also have the power to scrap it and create another. No other group in this country has that same status or power.

Original Americans Are Above It

While Original Americans are sovereign, they are also natural citizens, however, keep in mind that the construct we call ‘civil rights’ only has relevance within the context of the corporate United States. It only applies to the population and their associated group classifications of privileges and restrictions to the extent they are citizens of the Corporate United States. Outside of that, it means absolutely nothing and has no weight or authority. This is to contrast and illustrate the fact that Original Americans carry a political status above that of the corporate United States and it’s associated advocate/supplicant system.

The corporate United States is likely to expire or be significantly diminished in the short time-frame due to increasing disgust and dissatisfaction, along with an exceedingly great burden of debt. When that happens, these artificial classifications, along with the entire advocate/supplicant system will cease to be.

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