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American Revolution 2 Will Take America Back 

Who owns America?  Is it the elitist, globalists, and foreign interests… or is it We-The-People?  We say it is We-The-People who will likely soon launch a new American Revolution to take America back.

Have you ever pondered, what can be done to fix our failing American civilization?  In this video and blog series titled: Political Pecking Order, we will tell you how to take America back, and what part you will play.

If We-The-People own our nation, does that make our status management or are we merely subjects (peon, citizens, etc.)?

Are the US Constitution and the Government Obsolete?

Are the US Constitution and our nation the same thing, or does the Constitution merely define the government?

When was our nation founded, and by who? Hint… it was not founded by who we are told.  To understand, you must look further back in time to the mid 16th century; about 1560 to 1630.

Is the constitution still relevant today? How about our representative system of government?  Is the government still relevant or is it obsolete?  Is the current government legitimate?

In any given civilization, how does power flow, from the top down, or is it the other way around?  What is the political pecking order, and what does that mean?

Who are We-The-People and can we start a new American Revolution? 

That depends on what our objectives are. Why did our nation come into being to begin with, and for whom does our nation exist? What is it’s purpose?  Was it established to serve the cabal of global elitists, or was it to exclusively serve the sovereign interests of the American people?  We emphatically say it is the latter.

We say our nation exists exclusively to serve the interest of We-The-People, and apart from this purpose, it has no reason to exist.

However, does it work that way today?  Does the nation operate at the behest of the people, or is it really serving the interests of a very tiny crowd; the political establishment and their globalist patrons?

With that in mind, what is involved in correcting our broken nation?  If it demands a massive change in civil structure, then the answer to the above concerning a new American Revolution is an overwhelming YES!

Are We-The-People above the law, and what power does that provide in helping us take America back?  We answer that question later in the series.

In this video, part-1 of Political Pecking Order and others to follow, we not only examine these questions, but we answer them as well.

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