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What does it mean to decentralize in a political sense?

The title says it all. This is a followup on the previous article published in 2016, a few months before the last US presidential election, titled, ‘Can Politics Work Without the Politician?’ We asked some fundamental questions concerning the rationale behind holding elections in a system which does not serve the American people, but only serves those who have a motive for making us believe that the process benefits the interests of Americans, which it does not. We now expand on that idea. In this article, in contrast to the previous one, we are not going to soft sell or sugar coat our message, but we are taking the gloves off to speak openly and frankly. We are going to outline the steps necessary to decentralize and recover our nation.

Twinkle Toes Pocahontas – Decentralize! Policy without the Politician.

To ‘decentralize’ in any sense is a trend for the long term, which will begin to manifest in a very substantial way soon.  It is part of the natural progression of human development, brought about partly by technology and virtuous education, but also by the continuing failure of old and obsolete systems in the context of the realization by the common that their own efforts will serve their interests much better.

It has been approximately 4 years since the previously mentioned article was published and things have only gone from bad to worse. The election of Donald Trump, while it seemed to be a hopeful sign to many, that he may be able to reverse the headlong destructive course, instead has only revealed the depths of the roundhouse entrenched corruption in Washington DC, which the concentration of power cultivates. In our opinion, his election to the office of president has only bolstered our premise about the hopeless state our nation faces, having opened the cesspool for us to get a very close up look at how things are actually done there; much political blood sport, very little beneficial policy.

A few excerpts from the previously mentioned article follow!

“…It is clear that both old and young alike are starting to choke on the poisonous stream of rhetoric pouring forth, rather than embracing it. Maybe it has something to do with the caliber of clowns composing the backdrop stable of candidates taking the stage. Many of us are asking ourselves; “Are these really the only choices we have?”, because if it comes to one of these or nothing at all, maybe its time to just vote plan B, ‘None of the above.’ Maybe it is a sense that the entire system has been spoiled… a total loss, and there comes a time when if it has gone bad, it needs to be replaced wholesale, and that time may indeed be drawing ever closer…”

“…Confidence in our political paradigm at an all-time low!
Skepticism of the process is at all time high, along with an all-time low in confidence with all parties, the presidency, both houses of Congress, and all state governments. To state it simply, the population is fed up with the politician…”

“…Why have Americans put up with such a broken process? Why have they not spoken with a loud and firm voice to demand a better system? Why have they not called for a scrapping of the old, broken and obsolete system in favor of something new? Something which serves the interest of the people who make up the backbone of the nation…”

At this point, having witnessed the ever increasing corruption and failure, and while anticipating continued breakdown, it is hard to believe that any rational American could see much value in the current system, much less support it by participation in the process. However, it is our belief that this comes mainly from the fact that the current structure operates as an advocate and supplicant system, which has transformed our nation from one of self sufficient pioneers and founders, who conquered the land and crafted the nation, to one of dependent beggars who view themselves as tenants in their own land, or lapdog house guests of the regime in power; totally dependent on the benevolence of the all powerful Oz.

Gropin’ Joe – Decentralize! Policy without the Politician.

This means the once free and powerful proud nation has been replaced by the corporate welfare state. In our estimation, it is the dependency fostered by the welfare state which is keeping people mesmerized into participation in such a corrupt and broken mess, and it keeps blinders on their eyes as to how to correct it.

As before we will make the case that the process serves no purpose as concerning the nation, but only creates an illusion that the voice of the people is relevant. We also made the case that the process of making policy (law), and the execution and enforcement of that policy can be accomplished without concentrating power in the hands of the few. In fact, it can be done without any involvement of professional so called ‘policy-makers’, better known as politicians. If the American nation were to adopt such a system, then, not just the election of candidates to office, but the entire reason for the institution of government would disappear, and we would be left with the essential utility of governance alone, without a great deal of the corruption, oppression, waste, abuse and many other problems associated with gigantic self perpetuating bureaucracies.

So, how is this done?

The first thing to understand is that it can only be accomplished with a complete change in the philosophy and structure of civil governance, away from what we have now. That means the creation and adoption of a People Based Policy Structure (PBPS). A People Based Policy Structure is one in-which the Sovereign-Body of the politically-endowed are empowered to enact all policy. In addition, that same body is the highest authority in the land and have the exclusive power to execute and enforce said policy.

O’Beto the Rat – Decentralize! Policy without the Politician.

Doesn’t that sound like a special group of people who would have all the advantage and wouldn’t it exclude the interests of everyone else? To answer that please note that, that characterization really pretty much describes our system now, where a very small number, in fact, 425 house members, 100 senators, 9 supreme court judges, and 1 president, a total of 535 individuals make, execute, adjudicate, and enforce all laws. The power bestowed from the current system massively benefits this very tiny group and their very wealthy and influential patrons, mostly private interests who buy the process, at the exclusion and expense of everyone else.

Understand that the laws made and enforced by this tiny group of lapdogs to globalist interests, under the current structure, massively affects even the most mundane aspects of our lives. So let us cut the pretense of representation. Our lives, futures, interests, and fortunes are absolutely dictated by them.

What is the Rule of Law?

Must our society live by what supporters of the installed system are so proud of calling the ‘Rule of Law’, as if it is somehow virtuous, but which in reality is at best a 2 edged sword? If the rulers who make the law are corrupt, then the laws are also corrupt and oppressive, therefore the ‘Rule of Law’ is corrupt and oppressive to its very core. So ask yourself, “What good is it, and why must we continue in it?

If instead, one insists that the ‘Rule of Law’ is indeed virtuous and we must live by it, then common sense dictates there must be a certainty that those who make the law are virtuous, and that they are doing so purely driven by our interests, or at the very least, they are not motivated nor biased against us. It must be noted that there has never been a period of history in which the reigning political ethos was virtue by royal decree, nor democratic representation.

That type of rule can only be in effect when we accept that we must do it ourselves. We can not….. repeat, WE CAN NOT entrust that to so called ‘representatives’!…. Why? Because they will always be corrupted by the narrow, big money interests. Note that we are not saying that direct democratic policy-making is necessarily virtuous; only that in such a system, we would not be inclined to cheat ourselves.

Airhead Socialist without a Clue – Decentralize! Policy without the Politician.

To decentralize is to restructure our civilization, shedding the central concentrations of power and control.  The concept of ‘Decentralization’ is a current trend beginning to take deep root in American culture as well as many others throughout the globe, mostly in the context of money and currency such as Bitcoin and others, to avoid predatory monopoly banking control, and intrusive predatory government with a history of destroying wealth and confiscating assets; and also in social media & cloud infrastructure, to avoid censorship by large monopoly media corporations. Therefore it is natural that the same ideas should be applied to the realm of political and civil structure for the same reasons; to end monopoly control.

To ‘decentralize’ in any sense is a trend for the long term, which will begin to manifest in a very substantial way soon.  It is part of the natural progression of human development, brought about partly by technology and virtuous education, but also by the continuing failure of old and obsolete systems in the context of the realization by the common that their own efforts will serve their interests much better.  It can be thought of as the modern day demand for what would be gained by states taking back their autonomy once again, but with much greater depth and power to be gained by sovereign people.

It is in keeping with that idea, we must realize that in an American PBPS, the sovereign-body of the politically-endowed comprises approximately two thirds of the current census population of the US, who can make policy by originating, elevating, deliberating, and adopting all laws by way of the internet. Further, they can create the facilities by which all laws are carried out along with the vital functions of governance, primarily through privately contracted individuals and company functionaries. Thus we see that in a PBPS, there is a decentralization of power away from the small group, which is then dispersed to the broad population.

In such a system, government as an institution has taken a large step into the grave, while the development of human civil structure has taken a vastly improved step forward. Government as an institution is obsolete while the civil structure has transformed to instead employ only ‘governance’ as a function of the broad population. Along with that, the bloated behemoth, rigid, bureaucratic, welfare state has passed into oblivion.

What is the Sovereign-Body and who is in it?

The term sovereign comes from the 2 Latin words ‘sover’ or super meaning ‘above’ and ‘regnum’ or reign, meaning ‘to rule’, which when put together literally means ‘Above the Law.’ This is the power to originate the law and systems of law, and does not apply to people on an individual basis, but only when they act as a deliberative body.

This status and the power it bestows comes simply from the fact that this group conquered the land and founded the nation, when in the mid 16th century, Europeans discovered and began to inhabit the American continent. That was the founding of America. 200 years later, the original corporate USA was created by an act of a sovereign-body when they adopted the US constitution which created the current corporate USA structure and the federal government.

The Trump Eagle has Landed – Decentralize! Policy without the Politician.

It is easier to understand who is part of the Sovereign-Body than who is not. Just realize that it is entirely comprised of those we would characterize as Original-Americans. While that may sound exclusionary, just compare it to how the current system is composed and how it works. In our estimation, this status encompasses and includes all groups who had a hand in founding and building the American nation and not just Europeans. While there are significant numbers of our current population who would not qualify as part of the sovereign-body, their lives and interests will certainly remain a valued part of the fabric and makeup of our nation.

The sovereign-body does not include immigrants (legal or otherwise) and excludes many who are currently citizens of the corporate US, but who do not qualify as a part of the sovereign-body. The sovereign-body is made up of approximately 220+ million out of 320+ million, or about two thirds of the current census population, and that is far more fitting and representative of the interests of the owners of the land than the hopelessly flawed and corrupt system we have now. These are those who, by right, decide what policies shall be in effect in the American Nation.

Is the Sovereign-Body something new?

Is it a new political class with a new status, or is it just a new designation?  None of the above! The fact is, sovereign is a status which characterized the American people and the states they created before and after the adoption of the corporate USA republic. As founders and owners of our nation, sovereignty is likewise still retained by them today. The sovereign-body comprises the voice and will of the founders/owners of the American nation as expressed through the democratic process. This is accomplished by way of facilities for adopting policy which operate primarily at the state level, and secondarily at a national level. Such a system facilitates the origination, elevation, deliberation, and adoption of policy by online voice and vote. There is no election of any candidates to any office as there are no offices to be held, but only privately contracted functionaries.

Original Americans have always had a sovereign status, while others have not. That was the reason for the passing of the 14th amendment to the US constitution. Prior to that, emancipated blacks, native Americans, and others had no political status with regard to the nation as they were held to be property and not free men, or foreigners without political right. The 14th amendment made them citizens of the current corporate US structure only, but lacked the power to convey sovereignty to them. However, the Original-American population also naturally assumed the inferior status of citizens of the corporate USA, while also having retained the previous superior sovereign status as founders and owners of the nation.

This article is intended simply as an introduction to the concept of PBPS and not exhaustive. In our estimation, an open and honest examination of such a system will lead one to conclude that it does indeed hold the promise of revitalization and invigoration of our currently failing nation. In upcoming articles, we will continue to expand on, and examine various aspects of an American People Based Policy Structure (PBPS).

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