Sovereignty Project is about exploring new ideas which address the currently failing institutions of modern political structures. We are not a news site per se. Instead, the site is really purposed with exploring ideas and proposals, which provide a working platform for a new and improved form of civil structure, based on democratic process.

Sovereignty Project Organization

Sovereignty Project is an open organization for like-minded individuals who would like to make a contribution to the development of our goals. We are primarily concerned with the American civilization and affirm that she is on a downward trajectory, well on to failure, and anticipate a partial to complete collapse in the civil structure in the short term.

A Democracy’, as expressed in a mocking pun, “A democracy is an argument between 2 wolves and a sheep about what’s for dinner.”  We reject that notion to point out that most of these arguments will come from those who defend and embrace ‘A Republic’ as the optimum structure for civil governance.

We are dedicated to exploring a course of renewal, which is based on the recognition that the power of civilization emanates upward from the broad base of sovereign people, and that because the sovereign people are the originators of our civilization, it should ultimately, primarily serve their interests.

Republican Vs Democratic

Some would argue that the ideas expressed herein are those which constitute an unworkable morass of contradiction, and conflicting interests called ‘A Democracy’, as expressed in a mocking pun, “A democracy is an argument between 2 wolves and a sheep about what’s for dinner.”  We reject that notion to point out that most of these arguments will come from those who defend and embrace ‘A Republic’ as the optimum structure for civil governance.

We would also point out that today there is very little difference between what is termed a democracy and a republic.  A republic, in it’s purest form, is a modified democracy.  The idea that a very tiny number of our population; approximately 546 so-called ‘representatives’ of the people’s interest constitutes a functioning system of governance is a farce.

We would point out that by whatever name it has been given, our great ‘republic’ was originally fashioned as a trust for elitist interests from inception and that it does now, and has always, operated as a trust. We further acknowledge that neither of these forms is remotely representative of the people’s interest. 

We do not embrace, nor advocate ‘a democracy‘ as a workable form for any government nor the basis for sound civil structure. Instead, we embrace only the democratic process, as one component among many required for workable, sustainable, and stable governance.

Who owns our nation?

We advocate that the nation’s people ask and answer a series of simple questions about who owns our nation? That answer can be only one of two. It is either the heirs of the sovereign people who founded the nation in the early 17th century, or it is the entrenched interests currently residing in the nation’s capital, and their elitist global patrons.

Having affirmatively answered that question, they must then ask and answer what ownership means in terms of a civil policy structure which has such tremendous impact in our daily lives. We would further advocate that the sovereign-body of people put forward a broad and loud declaration of that ownership in order to re-establish a workable structure and to put on-notice, those who currently believe and act as though they are the sole arbiters of our civilization.

Right/Left Party supplication

We are neither right or left in outlook, and do not advocate for either side. We do not advocate for political parties but view them as strictly entrenched special interests representing a narrow swath of principle and value.

Therefore we reject supplication to the entrenched corruption currently masquerading as legitimate representation. Instead, our advocacy is strictly toward the sovereign owners of the nation, whom we recognize as the only legitimate power.

Changing Political Paradigm

The site is about our future. We recognize that our nation, along with virtually all civil structures throughout the globe, is on an unprecedented near-term trajectory toward revolutionary change. Such change is fueled by the rapid obsolescence of current forms of governance. We believe our nation is in crisis and headed down an irreversible course toward a financial reckoning, in which the current republic along with the welfare state, will both cease to exist.

We put forward the question; after the smoke clears, what form should our nation’s civil structure take?

Since we recognize that the power of civilization emanates upward, we would then ask; how can the sovereign-common seize the initiative, to form the nation which emerges; to ensure it is suited solely to the interests of the sovereign-body and is not geared to elitist institutions as is current?

Lastly, we put forward that although discussion is vital in envisioning the path, if we own our nation, it is even more necessary that we affirm that ownership. Therefore, an organization is vital to advocate, teach, and finally enact a new civil structure.

Thesis Solution not the Legacy of Failure

We offer and propose thesis solution and a discussion to those who would like to explore them, and follow up by considering the actions, prudent and necessary for moving forward. The site may be thought of as a town meeting or forum for consideration of solutions to the above-enumerated challenges.

These questions and their answers involve two (2) perspective views based on:
1) The role of the Sovereign-Body of people, composed of those of our population who have endowed right, and qualification, in determining such issues. Further, it involves affirmation, and whatever adjustments are necessary to correct the sanctioned civil-constructs deemed as a bedrock for western civilization.

2) The tremendous role advancing technology plays in the changing paradigm.

The ideas expressed in these 2 issues will play a major role in the outcome.

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