Who Owns America?

Answering that question will tell you how We-The-People can take our nation back!

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You will find that Sovereignty Project produces articles which are not run of the mill, regurgitated, recitations of the litany of problems America faces.  Instead we look beyond the cloud of problems to present a view of our nation re-imagined and re-invented and working for We-The-People once again. 

The format for articles is series (curriculum) oriented for the purpose of educating Americans and others on who they truly are, and what power they hold to effect change.  We try to put up fresh updates of our message on a regular basis. Check back often, or subscribe to our email list.

The Headless State

 The Headless State:  Our Republic is a civil structure or political state based on a series of institutions which control the entire means of operation. That is to say these institutions have the power…

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